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Tandem established since June 1998 is proud to serve its many customers in the very best manner.
Vincent Brickley, the founding director has over 30+ years’ experience in this industry, represents the Freight Transport Association (FTA) on its Executive Board and works hard to ensure the whole industry is properly represented and heard.

Offering the latest Euro 6 vehicles Tandem is also a member of the Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme (LRCS) and actively aims to reduce its CO2 footprint through better vehicle utilisation, driver training and vehicle selection, helping you to become Greener too and comply with your ESOS requirements easier.

Ensuring we comply with all aspects of the EU Drivers hours legislation and being proactive in improving the industry image, Tandem is an excellent place for you, either as a customer/employee or visitor, we’ll treat you right.

Goods transported under FTA Conditions of Carriage 2002

Goods stored under FTA Conditions of Storage 2007

The Tandem Fleet